Introducing the Sparkly Soul blog!

Hello Sparkly World!  Sparkly Soul wants to hear from and interact with you.  I am Pamela and handle Social Media and Marketing for Sparkly Soul. When you tweet to @SPARKLYSOULINC, I tweet you back!

Sparkly Soul, Inc. was created and founded by my sister, Dari Passarello, a marathoner who couldn’t find a headband that would “stay put” and “look stylish” during her own workouts.  Dari is a marathon coach for Team In Training.

She covers a lot of miles training participants to run marathons raising funds for cancer research and patient services. Dari was making her own headbands because no headbands on the market would work for her during training runs and marathons…. except her own.  It was like nothing on the market – it was non-slip, entirely stretch all the way around, and, softly but securely fit to her head so there was no headband headache – even after hours of wear.  Sparkly Soul is “360 degrees” of sparkle – there is no small piece of elastic at the back of our band that makes it stretch.  Our entire band is elastic.  This is what differentiates Sparkly Soul from every other headband on the market.

Dari and I are both marathoners and triathletes. Dari invested in having the headbands manufactured (here is the USA) and launched the product at the 2011 NYC Triathlon Expo.  Sparkly Soul’s patent pending design and non-slip features have quickly become the “must have” fitness and fashion accessory.   Sparkly Soul was created for all the women who find their strength and soul while pushing themselves to their athletic limits.  We are athletes – just like you.  We live in NYC – the city with lots of sparkle – we train in NYC.  We have good training days.  We have bad training days.

Other headbands that were on the market were not working for us – they pinched the back of our head, slipped off or were too tight.  Most workouts were spent readjusting our slipping “non-slip”  headband.   All of these things got in the way of our workout and distracted us from what we were really out there to do … to get a good workout.  Frustration is a great word to describe it.  Sparkly Soul was created as the comfortable solution for all you athletic fashionistas.

Sparkly Soul’s Mission – Sparkly Soul is based on the premise that you no longer have to compromise when it comes to your hair.  Hair accessories can be functional and fashionable at the same time.   They can be worn from the gym to the office to a night out.  Whether you use them for running, spinning, yoga, dance or team sports – these headbands won’t budge.

The foundation of the business is celebrating all the fabulous ladies who use Sparkly Soul headbands.  You accomplish such amazing things – marathons, triathlons, dance competitions, cheerleading, spinning, yoga, soccer, softball….  everyone has a different story to tell.

Our greatest success is watching races and seeing you – our fabulous fashionistas – being fierce and strong in their Sparkly Soul nonslip headbands.  We love hearing all the amazing activities and adventures where you use their Sparkly Soul headbands.

We were also featured on the Today Show, Access Hollywood Live and Access Hollywood in January 2012.

We Want to Hear from You – We LOVE the feedback we get from talking to you and interacting with you on social media and at race expos and hearing about all the INCREDIBLE things that you do.  We love being part of your journey!

We LOVE social media!  We love interacting with customers on a daily basis and getting Facebook photos, tweets, repins on pinterest and emails from you expressing their delight.  That makes us very happy here at Sparkly Soul – we thought it was just us who had these fashion dilemmas!

Our customers can also follow Sparkly Soul on…

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…to receive updates on new products and promotions.

Goals – My goal with this blog is interact with you, blog about expos that Sparkly Soul attends and social media.  I will also host giveaways and special Sparkly Soul promotions exclusive to this blog.

xo Sparkly Soul

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