As many of you know, Sparkly Soul has decided to spotlight a coach of the month and a blogger of the month.

We launched this program in March 2012. We want to celebrate fierce fun and strong athletes and this is how we decided to do it!  Each month we will bring you the Sparkly Spotlight- Coach of the Month and Blogger of the Month.

COACH OF THE MONTH – Sandy Allen-Bard: NYC Team In Training Coach – MARCH 2012

Sandy Allen-Bard is an Adult Leukemia Nurse Practitioner at Cornell University Medical Center in New York City. She is a facilitator for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS) Patient Support Group, serves on the Patient Service Committee for the LLS New York City Chapter, and also coaches marathon for Team in Training and has raised over $200,000 in her own fundraising efforts.

Sandy is a first class athlete, coach, nurse and person – Sandy has received awards, lectured on the care of Leukemia and MDS patients, coauthored papers … but to us she is an angel by day and an amazing coach by night.  Sparkly Soul wants to thank Sandy for all she has done for LLS, TNT, all those she has coached over the years and for all those lives she touches as a nurse at Cornell.  It takes one strong special sparkly woman to do everything that she does and this is why we love her!

Thank you for all you do for everyone Sandy – “way to sparkle” is an understatement!

BLOGGER OF THE MONTH – Krysten Siba Bishop – MARCH 2012

Krysten Siba Bishop – @darwinianfail Krysten is a true inspiration. She is maintaining a healthy diet, a regular exercise routine & a balanced lifestyle as part of her Genetic Battle Plan. This year she is dominating genetics, heart disease, & breast cancer – all while training for her 1st half & full marathon! Talk about a fierce strong women-stay sparkly & strong Krysten. Send Krysten your love 🙂

PS Keep Calm & Sparkle

Stay tuned until April for our next Sparkly Spotlight !!!

Inspired by someone? If you have any nominations for either Coach of the Month or Blogger of the Month, please email

xo Sparkly Soul


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