@SPARKLYSOULINC Blogger AND Coach of the Month – None other than Dorothy Beal @mileposts

Yes – you read that right.  This person is so awesome … she takes up two categories…. she is the definition of a Sparkly Runner – focused, fierce, determined, fun and fabulous.  The Sparkly Soul Blogger AND Coach for the month of May 2012 is Dorothy Beal of Mile Posts (@mileposts) – http://www.mile-posts.com/



We met Dorothy back in the Fall of 2011 on Twitter.  Check out Dorothy’s Sparkly Soul Review from October 2011


Dorothy was nominated by many as both Coach of the Month and Blogger of the Month.  We were fortunate enough to meet her this past month at the Boston Marathon.

Sparkly Soul and MilePosts

You may recognize Dorothy as the face of the Find Your Strong Saucony campaign (wearing her thin ice pink Sparkly Soul headband).


Check out Dorothy’s story of perserverance and how she found her strong at the 2012 Boston Marathon here: http://www.mile-posts.com/2012/04/16/boston-marathon-2012-mile-by-mile/ – Way to sparkle Dorothy.

You can read Dorothy’s full bio here:


Dorothy has run 20 marathons, has 3 beautiful children, is a certified coach (CHECK OUT all her coach feedback and how much she is loved here: http://www.mile-posts.com/e-coaching/testimonials/), a blogger (http://www.mile-posts.com/) and a twitter friend (@mileposts).  Thanks for all your inspiration to the running community Dorothy and for all that you do to sparkle with your Blog and as a Coach.  It surely does not go unnoticed by your friends, fans and Sparkly Soul 🙂



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