Guess what??? Our @SPARKLYSOULINC blogger for the month of August is @run4margaritas

Do we have a treat for you!! Meet our Sparkly Soul blogger of the month – Melody – a running lover and fitness fanatic!

If you don’t already … you should follow her blog at and on Twitter (@run4margaritas), Facebook (, Pintrest, and more.

After 4 years of hard work and dedication in running, Melody was offered a track & field scholarship to the University of Central Florida, where she specialized in 400m hurdles and 400m. After college, she discovered that “distance” running wasn’t so bad and ran a 5k. Then a 10k. And, then a half marathon. It took another 6 years, but she ran her first marathon in 2011 and then even added triathlon to the mix.

In October 2011, Melody landed her dream job with Brooks Running. Melody is also a certified USATF running coach, personal trainer, Girls on the Run coach, Pacers fun run leader, Fitfluential Ambassador, Nuun Ambassador and Sunday School teacher – can you say awesome, motivated … and not to mention sparkly! This girl does it all!

Melody is extremely passionate about running & her community – and loves that she can finally blend the two together! And we love it too because we get to meet sparkly ladies like her who motivate us!

Melody hopes that through her love for running & margaritas, she can inspire others to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. Running has taken her to places she never knew possible {and they weren’t all good places or experiences, but she learned from each one}. Running is her one true passion, and she loves being able to share it with everyone!

Melody is a running coach too – so you should check out her e-coaching on her website as well as one-on-one coaching (in person))!  She is actively involved in the running/fitness industry.  Melody sparkles on the inside and now she sparkles on the outside with her Sparkly Soul non-slip headband 🙂 

So this August, we celebrate this awesome women who not only a coach and athlete by definition, but also a true inspiration to all those she comes into contact with.  Thank you Melody for being sparkly in all you do for your community and for sharing your sparkly journey with us!

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