Meet Patti Jezycki – @SPARKLYSOULINC Ambassador!

Meet Sparkly Soul Ambassador Patricia Jezycki – Staten Island, NY

Patti is a wife, mom and athlete. She has been married for a little over 26 years to the best guy in the world and they have two wonderful young men for sons, Michael a NYC Police Officer and USMC Veteran/Purple Heart recipient of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Matthew,a FDNY EMT in Brooklyn, saving lives every day. Matthew will soon be a NYC Firefighter, following in his dad Michael Sr, aka “The Bull” footsteps.

Patti has always been athletic. She says she lives in what is commonly called the forgotten borough of NYC, Staten Island. “Staten Island is very different form the other boroughs in so many ways, but it is a wonderful place to live, and RUN!” Running has changed Patti’s life in many ways….

Soon to be four years ago, Patti’s husband Michael, a captain in the NYC Fire Department, was diognosed with Chronic Myleogenous Leukemia(CML), a rare but thankfully, a very treatable form of blood cancer. He unfortunately got the disease while working at Ground Zero after the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. Patti orignally signed up to walk/run the Lake Placid Half Marathon as a way of giving back to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for all their great work. Patti was thankful that this organization funded research that would keep her husband alive.

Now, almost four years later, Patti is STILL running and raising funds for LLS through Team in Training, the worlds largest and most successful endurance training program for marathoners, triathletes, cyclists and hikers!!!! ( It is an addiction, that she says she never wants to be cured from- Running has become her life, and hernew career.

Today, Patti trains people that want to raise funds for LLS, to get in shape, or participate in an event to improve their performance. She says it is a very rewarding job, very much like the 22 years she has spent teaching in a NYC classroom. She has trained over 100 participants on Staten Island, that’s a lot of miles, but they have all been run with love.

Patti has completed 5 marathons, 17 half marathons, and countless 10k, 5k and other races. Her next step will be to overcome her fear of swimming and complete a triathlon! Go Patti!!! Of course, since Sparkly Soul has developed the best headbands in the world- Patti wears one at every practice, every race …basically … everywhere!!! She says they truly are the best and most comfortable product out there-and she says she has tried them all!

You can see Patti at every race coaching and participating and well … being awesome! If you don’t know Patti, you will be better if you do! She is not only one sparkly women, but also an inspiration to the Staten Island running community, always smiling, motivating and the kindest person!


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