We are all about inspiration and gratitude this sparkly November – making @FitChickNYC the perfect @SPARKLYSOULINC Blogger of the Month for November 2012

Jess of Fit Chick in the City (@FitChickNYC) is our @SPARKLYSOULINC Blogger of the Month



What a way to celebrate November – a month to be thankful and the month of many marathons including the NYC marathon (following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy showing the resilience of our great city) then with the inspiration of Jess Underhill of Fit Chick in the City.  (Check out Jess’s blog about the NYC Marathon after Sandy here: http://fitchickinthecity.com/2012/10/my-thoughts-on-nycm-after-the-hurricane/)

Looking for inspiration? … look no further!

Her goal with her blog, Fit Chick in the City ( http://fitchickinthecity.com/), is to connect everyone from the “gym rat” to the “couch potato” with the best workouts and fitness products available, while providing a healthy dose of motivation and expertise along the way.  Goal accomplished according to Sparkly Soul! We are big fans of her blog and we know you will be too (if you haven’t discovered her already)…

Running found Jess at an early age – she experienced her first runner’s high when she was barely a teenager and it changed her life. Running gave her something that she never knew she could have – a changed outlook on life and a place in this world. Today in her thirties she credits those first years of running as to why she has lived the life she has lived thus far.

In high school she learned that the food she put in her body could determine the outcome of a run, she dove head first into nutrition books and Runner’s World articles. Initially, this meant becoming a victim of the fat-free, processed food craze of the 90′s, but ultimately it was the beginning of her never ending search to learn about optimal nutrition. As an adult she wanted everyone to have what running and eating healthy gave her (hope and empowerment). After finishing college with a degree in business, she attended graduate school and completed a M.S. program in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Later Jess became a Holistic Health Coach.

Since that time Jess has cheered hundreds of people on towards a healthier, more exercise-endorphin filled life in the role of Health Coach, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Director, Spinning Instructor, Run Coach, Fitness Blogger, Lululemon Ambassador and many more.

Combining these passions with her life’s mission has lead her to where she is now, playing the role of business owner with the newly launched Race Pace Wellness – http://racepacewellness.com/ with the following mission: “To empower fiercely determined women to find what works best for them as an individual so they can train, recover, and fuel their way across any finish line on the way to accomplishing their dreams.”  We are so excited for you Jess! This is incredible and we are so excited for the launch of your new business!

Her blog Fit Chick in the City has appeared in The New York Times, NY Daily News, The Huffington Post, Shape.com, Fitness.comAOL’s Lemondrop, Special K’s Gain Tour 2011, Vital Juice NYC’s Healthy About TownAthleta, Health.com, WomansDay.com, Yahoo! Shine, Talking Alternative, Runner’s World, Her Campus, the Edmonton Journal, Integrative NutritionWell +Good NYC and Brooks Running. Pretty awesome huh?

Jess was nominated by Shape Magazine for a best blogger award for 2011 and chosen as one of the top ten Facebook pages to “like” by the magazine. In 2012 the site was nominated for a Fiteratti award by Fitness Magazine.

Thank you for all you do for our running community Jess – we just love your blog and wanted to highlight you this month to recognize how you sparkle in our community and your awesomeness! Jess is running the NYC Marathon this Sunday, November 4th! Send her your love and wishes at @FitChickNYC


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