CONTEST! Post on blog comments…What @disney character would you dress up as and what color @sparklysoulinc would you pair with it?!

20121127-214703.jpgWhat @disney character would you dress up as for a @rundisney race and with what @sparklysoulinc color headband would you pair with it?!


Can u say Tinkerbelle with an Apple Green Sparkly Soul nonslip headband:


What about Snow White with a red Sparkly Soul nonslip headband:


Let us know below in the comments section below! You can enter until Monday, December 3rd! Winner will be chosen at random by the random number generator and announced on Tuesday, December 4th! For extra entries – share this contest on social media any way you would like & tag us (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, your blog, Linkedin) and note it below in the comment section! Winner gets a Sparkly Soul headband of their choice from

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Sparkle on!

51 thoughts on “CONTEST! Post on blog comments…What @disney character would you dress up as and what color @sparklysoulinc would you pair with it?!

  1. I am planning on being Snow White in the Disney Princess half marathon (this will be my first half!!) and the red sparklysoul band would be perfect with a sequined bow attached for my costume 🙂

  2. I would dress up as Belle – I would wear the white and blue sparklysoul headbands together as I frolicked through the streets, and I would wear the gold sparklysoul headband in the evening with my gown as I danced the night away with Beast!

  3. I would be Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck it Ralph. I would wear either a turquoise or pink headband and small candy clips in my hair.

  4. Belle from Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite. I would pair it with a Sparkly Blue headband!! 🙂

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  5. I would dress up as Sleeping Beauty and I would be decked out in a sparkly soul pink head band. Once my Prince Charming kissed me I could race off!

  6. Merida! I’m trying to put together and outift for the Princess Half, but I’m blonde, and there is no way I’m doing 13.1 in a curly red wig…so we’ll see. Merida would have the green sparkly headband!

  7. I’m thinking Alice in Wonderland for the WDW half So the black sparkly soul would be perfect then for the Marathon the next day totally going to rock Princess Leia in honor of Disney buying LucasFilms!!!

  8. I woud be Snow White ( I was her multiple times as a kid) with a red headband! My other favorite would be Sleeping Beauty, and I could do pink or blue to match her dress at the end or black to match her outfit in the beginning. SO MANY IDEAS!

  9. I’m planning on running the Disney Princess half in 2014 and will be Princess Leia so a silver headband for sure would look awesome with the buns!

  10. this is a tough decision, one that I’m currently Contemplating! Torn between classic minnie with hot pink sparkly soul….or going with my Bib chosen princess and rocking the Gold sparkly soul as Belle! Disney Princess will be my second half marathon! I wore double pink sparkly soul headbands for my first! FANTASTIC


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