Meet @SPARKLYSOULINC Ambassador Jill Hanner (@jillhanner) #sparklysoulinc

Meet @SPARKLYSOULINC Ambassador Jill Hanner (@jillhanner)
Jill loves finding a new way to get her sweat on from trying a new workout, boxing, running and lifting weights. There’s nothing she won’t try.
After struggling with being overweight since a kid, she’s finally comfortable with her body. She has fell in love with fitness and is studying to become a personal trainer. Due to food allergies, Jill has a diet of clean eating. In order to spice up veggies and protein, she’s always creating interesting meals and posting pictures of them on the internet. 
Check out her blog for fitness tips, some great recipes and meal choices for the fitness lover!
Follow Jill on Twitter at @jillhanner and her adventures in fitness and food at


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