Do you <3 social media as much as we do? Enter to win a red white & blue @sparklysoulinc + a headband of your choice! #sparklysoulinc

No joke … we LOVE social media! We know you do too! We love interacting with you all everyday on all of our social media websites.  It is truly amazing that we can experience all your awesome posts and pictures doing AMAZING things with Sparkly Soul heabands. 

Want to enter to win a RED WHITE AND BLUE Sparkly Soul headband AND a  Sparkly Soul headband of your choice (in thin or wide) available at

Just post a picture of you rocking your favorite Sparkly Soul headband on ANY social media website.

The only requirements are:

1. follow us on that social media site,

2. let us know below by including the link below in the comments and

3. tag us.

For those of you that don’t have a Sparkly Soul yet but want to enter – post a picture of the color/width you would choose if you won from and do the same as above: follow us, include the link in blog comments and tag us!

Here are our social media links:

Facebook (,


Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr (SPARKLYSOULINC),

Google + (Sparkly Soul)

If we are not on any social media website you would like to use to enter – just include the link below for it to count! Feel free to enter via YouTube as well!

You can enter on as many of each of the social media websites as you would like and as many times a day as you like – just be sure to comment below with the link through Sunday, June 16th at midnight EST to enter! Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, June 17th!

Have a very sparkly June and we can’t wait for all your pictures!!! xo

Our search of the web brings up so many of your sparkly photos from social media – check it out:

28 thoughts on “Do you <3 social media as much as we do? Enter to win a red white & blue @sparklysoulinc + a headband of your choice! #sparklysoulinc

  1. I posted a pic on twitter (u even commented back!!) I would love to win a wide red white and blue! It will go perfectly with my two full Mary ensembles!!!:)

  2. I don’t know if my first post went through, but either way, I’d love to win!!
    Here’s my sparkly soul flat mama pic, before my first marathon…San Diego RnR, woot woot!!

    …and here’s me actually wearing it! Kinda hard to see though :/


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