(ENDED) ENTER to win a 5-pack of @SPARKLYSOULINC headbands on our BLOG! We are talking MOTIVATION through the month of August! #SPARKLEMOTIVATESME


Define what MOTIVATION is to you! Do you think of someone when you workout, because one day you won’t be able to, to stay in shape, to find a cure, because someone told you that you couldn’t, to be strong, have that power song – what motivates you when you get to that point in your workout that you want to give up? That person or fitness studio that pushes you to your fitness limits? Do you want to be a sparkly example for your children?

You know that point at mile 23 of marathon when you want to stop? Or that point towards the end of any race when you just had enough? That point in a barre class when you don’t think you can take it anymore? Any endurance event when you feel like you can’t keep going? No matter what your workout is … We all get tired, we are human. But there is that SOMETHING that keeps us from giving up – even when things get tough. We like to call it that SOUL place – when you have to dig deep down inside you to reach a goal and do something amazing and sparkly….

You all do such awesome amazing things. We love being part of your journey and LOVE IT when you share all your pics with us on social media of you doing those awesome things! We want to know what motivates you to do those AWESOME things, what keeps you pushing and what makes you do them AGAIN…


Let us know BELOW in the comments and enter to win a 5 PACK OF SPARKLY SOUL nonslip headbands of your choice from http://www.sparklysoul.com – we will choose ONE WINNER at RANDOM- you can choose thin or wide for your headbands – available at http://www.sparklysoul.com

Be sure to comment below through Saturday August 31st at midnight EST to enter! WINNER announced on Sunday, September 1st!

Want extra entries?

Do any or all of the following: (be sure to include the hashtag #SPARKLEMOTIVATESME so we can track the entries. You must follow us on the social media site in which you enter to win! For all these extra entries be sure to let us know BELOW IN THE COMMENTS for it to count! You can enter as many times as you would like and everyday if you wish!)

– Follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter (@SPARKLYSOULINC) and tweet “I feel motivated by ______ and #SPARKLEMOTIVATESME – I want to win a @SPARKLYSOULINC headband http://www.sparklysoul.com #headband #nonslip” (insert your motivation – person, places or thing – tag them if it is a workout place or person!)

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85 thoughts on “(ENDED) ENTER to win a 5-pack of @SPARKLYSOULINC headbands on our BLOG! We are talking MOTIVATION through the month of August! #SPARKLEMOTIVATESME

  1. I get motivation by thinking of those who would love to workout and run/walk but cannot and also when I am working towards a goal whether it be distance or for a specific charity event to try and make a difference to those who need it.

  2. My husband motivates me, he has had three ankle surgeries, and isn’t allowed to run. Whenever I want to give up (esp. towards the end of a race) I push that little bit harder for him!

  3. Several things motivate me:
    1. The money I spend on races.
    2. The awesome people I’ve met in person and online who get out there every day and improve themselves.
    3. My sister who has MS and needs me to be healthy so I can help her when she calls.
    4. I don’t ever want to feel again the way I did 4 years ago when I thought I couldn’t work out.

  4. Motivation for me is knowing that being active today will help me achieve my goals. “Wake up with motivation, go to bed with satisfaction”
    Motivation for me is wanting to be my healthiest self. Making healthy choices for my body so I feel my best.

  5. My motivation comes from inside myself – that desire to do my best, train hard without injury to run as fast as I can as a full time stay at home mom. to show my girls that dedication, faithfulness, hard work and patience pay off.
    I posted in Twitter (#SSiedliski) and FB (Sharon Ahearn Siedliski).

  6. Motivation is waking up when your tired, it’s cold, it’s raining and doing you daily miles. Motivation is running 18 miles in mid January for your May marathon. Motivation is the feeling you get when you cross the finishline after 26.2 miles. Motivation isn’t merely the marathon you just ran but the months and miles of dedication before that day. Nothing will motivate me more the the feeling of successfully completing my first marathon last year.

  7. My motivation comes from my husband – we have a bet who can log more exercise minutes. Loser cooks a 3 course (but healthy) meal for the winner!

  8. my motivation really comes from thinking about how far I’ve come (like coming from 200+ pounds and barely bein able to run a kilometre to running a marathon or two) and how DAMN good it feels to be where I am at!!! I think about not being able to run and it pushes me further!!!!!!

  9. When I told some of my family that I was going to do a half-marathon (I’ve never been a runner), no one thought I could do it. They are making fun of me for thinking I’m a runner too. Note – I’m 33, married and have children so it’s really silly the way they are acting. My motivation is two-fold. First, it’s to prove them wrong – I can do 13.1 miles and I will cross the finish line with a smile on my face. And second, my husband is supporting me 100% and encouraged me to sign up and give it a shot. He is pushing me, cheerleading for me and genuinely excited about this experience. His love and support motivates me.

    Tweeted as well.

  10. Motivation comes from everywhere, on any given day its usually something different. From the cute running clothes I want to look better in, to the older people flashing by me on the trials (especially this one lady who has a seeing disability and carries a stick with her!), to my own grandpa who’s lost both feet due to diabetes, to my newest running friends who get out 5-7 times a week. Or maybe I really want a huge veggie burger and fries later for dinner, or had a rough day at work and need to run it out. I always know I feel better with a little sweat than with anything else.

  11. My motivation comes from my energetic, happy two year old son! When he runs there is a look of pure joy on his face. He is happy simply to just run. I try to remember that, even on the days when things just don’t flow as they should, I’m still able to run!

  12. Life motivates me, we only get one and will never know when it will end. The accomplishment felt after achieving a goal/dream is intoxicating and addicting.

  13. Food really is the motivator for me. Normally in the middle of a long run all I can think about is what I’m going to eat when I’m done. I know when I finish a great long run I can eat whatever I want. My go to post run snack is waffles or ice cream =)

  14. Motivation is remembering that I didn’t think I could lose 80+ lbs….but I did; or not even considering a marathon an option for me….then I ran one. It’s looking at each obstacle I conqured and owning it so that next time I think I can’t do something I stop and remember how powerful I really am 🙂

  15. I’m motivated to train hard by all the people I know or have known that are unable to do what I do. Often I dedicate my runs to family and friends that are no longer here but I know they give me their strength to push harder. I run for those that can’t run anymore. My motivation is LIFE!

  16. My daughter motivates me. Just 3 months ago my 12 year daughter and I joined the gym. There are days I feel i can’t keep going, then I look to my side and she is there pushing harder. She is a totally different person, with a whole different view of healthy living.

  17. When I first started running, my motivation was my Uncle Ed who passed away from gastric cancer only 12 days after his diagnosis. What could have been a tragic time for him and my aunt was transformed by his amazing attitude. He told all of us, my Aunt May especially, that he had a good life, a GREAT life, and he wanted all of us to have the same. Running long is something I do because others can’t, because it’s not easy, and it makes me feel GREAT – just like Uncle Ed wanted 🙂

  18. My motivation comes from the desire to show my children that exercising is first of all FUN! and a way to stay healthy; I want them to love it, not dread doing it. What also keeps me going is how good I feel, both mentally and physically, afterwards. When things get really tough, I recite a verse from the Bible: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”

  19. I’m motivated to workout and run because I feel like I’m beating my own worst enemy: myself. I am my own competition. To prove to myself that I am better today than I was yesterday is the best motivation to me.

  20. My motivation is to go the distance! If I want to run long later I need to run consistently now. Underneath my disguise of being stroller pushing 36wks pregnant mama down to running 4 miles a week, I’m training for a half marathon.

  21. I’m motivated by my children! It’s important to me that I pass on a legacy of LIVING life…in all aspects, but including fitness!

  22. I’m motivated by the happiness running provides me. A run is always what I need to brighten my day, calm frazzled nerves, and put a smile on my face.

  23. I dedicate all my runs to someone named Michael who is an amazing and inspiring person! He has Down syndrome, a heart defect and recent spinal surgery. He does PT to learn to walk again! He is so strong and positive and I remember all that when I’m running! He is my reason to keep going!

  24. my motivation is to show my kids, and instill in their minds to never quit because something is too hard. I want them to know that they can DO anything they put their mind to; I believe running is a metaphor for life; so I try to remember that just because I can’t see those little eyes watching me run, I “know” they see all the hard work I do, and that they “see”, that I NEVER quit, no matter what I persist and maintain my course.

  25. My motivation to run is my own health and well-being. My dad has struggled with his weight my entire life. My mom suffers with MS. I want to keep my body strong and healthy.

  26. My current running motivation is raising money and awareness for FEED USA’s Run 10 Feed 10 challenge… and making sure all my junk in the trunk doesn’t get too wobbly, of course! 😉

    Love Sparkly Soul, can’t wait to see what y’all are up to next!


    J. Parker

  27. Motivation is keeping my eye on the prize, running is a way I keep on going with a nasty busy schedule that I have, the ability to run with others and keep in touch with people through running. That’s what counts.

  28. Motivation is having a reason to persist that is greater than all excuses. My late father motivates me- he taught me attitude is everything. My husband motivates me because he is the most determined, driven individual I know. My mother motivates me- since birth, she has taught me to be strong. And occasionally, food motivates me- nothing helps pick up the tempo at the end of a long run like thinking of cake waiting at home!

  29. I am motivated by the feeling I get when I run faster, leaving my stresses and worries on the pavement behind me as my favorite music drowns out the negative thoughts in my mind. By the end of my run I feel refreshed and energized 🙂

  30. My family motivates me to achieve my goals. I gained a lot of weight after giving birth and was motivated by my kids and husband to lose weight so that I could be a healthy and good looking mom for them. I want to be able to live long enough to see my kids graduate and have kids too

  31. Motivation is achieving a goal I set for myself – then figuring out what to do next. Or completely being surprised when my body accomplishes something I did not think it was capable of doing. The fact that I always look good in my SparklySoul headbands – that goes without saying. It has been commented on more than once in my running group… 🙂

  32. Throughout the past few years, I have completely changed my lifestyle by embracing a life full of health, fitness and happiness. I’ve learned to eat the right foods for me body, the foods that FUEL me and give me energy. I’ve learned that I can push myself to the limits and get in amazing workouts 6x a week, I’ve learned to love myself, my body and my life. Yes, I lost 40 pounds… but i’ve gained so much more respect, experience and knowledge about who am I and what I can do! Although I stopped my weightloss early 2012, I have finally transitioned to finding my own healthy lifestyle that I am confident living everyday for the rest of my life. I eat right, I’m active, I love my body, I love good food, and I love where I am at in my life. I feel so thankful to have found my health… and i’m never letting it go! My HEATH is what motivates me.

  33. My 2 baby girls motivate me to sparkle. I always have 2 sets of eyes watching. My 2 year old now asks to go running…I love that seeing Mommy run is motivating her to move as well.

  34. Jessica@organicallYou! You are our winner chosen at random for #sparklemotivatesme sweeps on our blog! Thanks for sharing what motivates you! You have won a 5 pack of Sparkly Soul headbands! Email us at pamela@sparklysoul.com to let us know your color and width choices and your mailing address!

    Thanks to everyone for sharing what motivates YOU! We loved all your comments!


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