Meet our new @SPARKLYSOULINC Ambassador Jenny Jowdy (@jennyj09) #sparklysoulinc

Meet our Sparkly Soul Ambassador Jenny Jowdy (@jennyj09)


  Jenny is a mom to 3 and LOVES TO RUN! She started running 5 years ago after watching a friend complete her first marathon – she wanted to feel that sense of accomplishment and immediately started training. The following year, she crossed the finish line of the same race where she had been a spectator

…now she is hooked!


Jenny first heard of Sparkly Soul after seeing their booth at the Boston Marathon Expo in 2012 — besides the required Boston jacket, two headbands were her only other purchase. They say not to wear anything new race day but SPARKLE was just what she needed! She has run a couple ultra marathons since then!


Jenny is a team member on and contributes to gear reviews on, so when she finds a great product, she loves to tell the world! Jenny works at a run specialty store called True Runner and is always looking for new products to share…training 5-6 days a week, she wears Sparkly Soul headbands almost every single day. All other bands have fallen off her head! These were the first that she found that not only stay but don’t hurt AND help with the sweat factor.

Jenny is a great example of a “Sparkly Soul”!




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