Our @SPARKLYSOULINC Teacher of the Month for September 2013 is… #SPARKLYSOULINC @Equinox

Our Sparkly Soul Teacher of the Month for September 2013 is…

Randi Eisenshtat


Randi is awesome. Period. We could end this write-up right there and it would sum her up. But for for the sake of throughness (and so you know how she got to where she is today and how to reach her) here is what you need to know about Randi…

Randi has been teaching group fitness classes for the last 8 years and started straight out of high school when she was 18 in Houston, Texas. Randi hasn’t stopped since! Her first classes ever were cardio funk and hip hop. Randi has a dance and gymnastics background and first began teaching adult dance/aerobics classes at a local YMCA in Katy, Texas.

The summer after Randi graduated high school, a huge gym called LifeTime Fitness opened up in her town and she auditioned to teach hip hop. Within a year, she was teaching dance, kickboxing, water aerobics and strength/cardio class.


Randi also danced professionally with a hip hop company called Planet Funk in downtown Houston. When she was 19, she auditioned for the Houston Rockets power dancers and made it all the way to the finals. They then practiced with the veteran dancers for 2 weeks and on the last day, Randi tore her ACL in her right knee. She thought that her career was over. After surgery and vigorous physical therapy, Randi was back to teaching and working out.

She started taking cycling classes to help with her knee which then led her to getting certified to teach. Teaching cycling then became a serious passion and it helped shape her into the instructor that she is today. Randi now currently holds certifications with MADD Dog Athletics Spinning, Schwinn Cycling, and ACE Group Fitness.


When Randi was 23, she moved from Texas to Miami, Florida where she began teaching with Equinox. She taught multiple classes between the 3 Miami locations. She was then transferred to NYC. Randi now teaches about 18 classes a week at about 10 different Equinox clubs across Manhattan. Her classes range from cycling to any HIIT class.

Randi was selected as one of Equinox’s top cycling instructors to participate and teach at this years Cycle for Survival event which raises millions of dollars for rare cancer research. Randi will be joining the event next year in NYC, New Jersey and Miami!

Randi’s philosophy is do what you love and love what you do. She feels blessed everyday that she has a job that never feels like work and that she gets to motivate and inspire people to want to live a better life. She loves seeing the same faces in her classes on a regular basis. People set alarms to book bikes for her early morning classes and stand in lines outside the main studio to get into her HIIT classes. This makes Randi feel like a rock star! 🙂 And if you have taken one of her classes, you know that she is. She fills the room with energy, plays awesome music and keeps ya coming back for more!


Randi says: “If one person’s life was changed for the better because of me, I could not ask for anything else.”

Check out Randi on:

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/randi.eisenshtat and Instagram: @randileigh6

Search for her classes on http://www.equinox.com



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