PHOTOS from Professional Climber @Paigeclaassen’s awesome adventures rocking her @sparklysoulinc nonslip #headband climbing around world and raising money for differnet charities @marmotpro Lead Now Program @FitnessMagazine @MensHealthMag

SO impressed with Paige Claassen (@Paigeclaassen) Professional Climber climbing/sparkling raising funds for different charities in different countries!


 Paige is the creator of @marmotpro Lead Now Program climbing around
world @FitnessMagazine @MensHealthMag


Watch Paige’s time in Africa here – sparkling with her purple wide @SPARKLYSOULINC nonslip headband:

 It is a MUST watch video and is amazing + here is the link to Paige’s blog with her journey – while in Africa she raised money for Room to Read, an organization that builds schools and libraries and provides reading materials to children in South Africa’s 11 native languages.

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We will keep you updated and post (on our blog) the many amazing pics of @Paigeclaassen sparkling with @SPARKLYSOULINC headbands on her adventures!



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