Our #SPARKLYSOULCHALLENGE to win 10 (yes 10!) @sparklysoulinc headbands is open through 10/31 #win #giveaway #challenge

Complete our @SPARKLYSOULINC #sparklysoulchallenge through October 31st on Facebook or Instagram and enter to win 10 @SPARKLYSOULINC headbands! You don’t need a Sparkly Soul headband to enter! Just do challenges without a headband! To enter please include the number of challenge in each post, hashtag #sparklysoulchallenge and tag Sparkly Soul on Facebook (www.facebook.com/sparklysoulinc) or Instagram (@SPARKLYSOULINC).  We will track and verify the entries this way!

We are giving away an ADDITIONAL @SPARKLYSOULINC headband by sharing our challenge post #SPARKLYSOULCHALLENGE until 10/31! Here’s link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=715546548462410&set=a.706243022726096.1073741830.263148047035598&type=1&theater



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