We sure have a treat for you this month! Meet our aaaamazing @SPARKLYSOULINC blogger of the month for October 2013 Kimberly (@mommymetrosie)! www.whenmommymetrosie.com

Our Sparkly Soul Blogger of the Month for October 2013 is …

Kimberly Rex (@mommymetrosie)

Blog:  www.whenmommymetrosie.com


Kimberly Rex is a stay-at-home mom to a bubbly, opinionated two-year-old little girl.   While their every day life, filled with things like diapers, sippy cups, ballet shoes, and Legos, seems pretty ordinary, their story is a little more unique below the surface.
Born with congenital heart disease, Kimberly had her fourth open heart surgery this past July.  Her cardiac history is complicated, of course, including irregular heartbeats, about ten electrical shocks from her implanted defibrillator and some understandable anxiety.
Without all of these experiences, however, Kimberly would not have come to find her daughter whom she and her husband adopted in 2011.  Parenting any child is a tremendous undertaking; parenting an adopted child adds a new dimension to the process.


After spending a decade as a high school English teacher and pretty much the past twenty-six years aspiring to be a writer, Kimberly decided to take what makes her ordinary days extraordinary and turn it into a blog.  There she talks about all of these aspects of her life and the ways in which they overlap, blend, and sometimes clash.


Head on over to Kimberly’s When Mommy Met Rosie blog (www.whenmommymetrosie.com) and follow her twitter at @mommymetrosie!  We LOVE Kimberly!   She is an amazing SPARKLY person and her blog is a must-follow!



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