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Kim Hoban  
Sparkly Soul Blogger of the Month November 2013
Twitter: @KimHobanRD
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Kim is a Registered Dietitian, healthy living blogger and runner in NYC.  She developed a love for running at an early age, cheering her father on in races before finally following in his footsteps (quite literally) and running a 5K in 2009.  In 2012, Kim ran her first half-marathon and 5 half-marathons later, she is currently training for her first full.  On November 17th, she (and her dad!) will be running the Philadelphia Marathon!
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You can find Kim sporting sparkles and a smile whether she’s running around NYC with friends or sweating her way through a spin class.  When she’s not running, Kim is sharing her passion for nutrition and health by working as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist.  She loves connecting with clients to achieve their goals and helping them see how food greatly impacts health and wellness.
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Check out her blog, KH Nutrition, or follow her on twitter (@KimHobanRD) for nutrition and health tidbits and to follow along in her adventures in exercise and marathon training!
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