Our Teacher of the Month for December 2013 is the INCREDIBLE Lindi Duesenberg (@LindiDMF) of @dmfnyc and @physique57 – #dmfnyc #sparkysoulinc #teacherofthemonth

Our Teacher of the Month for December 2013 is the INCREDIBLE SPARKLY Lindi Duesenberg (@LindiDMF) of @dmfnyc and @physique57


Founder and Lead Instructor at DMF www.dmfnyc.com

Instructor and Trainee Adviser at Physique 57 www.physique57.com

Lindi’s passion for dance began as a toddler and drove her to pursue a career as a professional dancer and educator. She has worked and studied with some of the best in the business and has performed in music videos, industrials, and musical theatre productions and tours around the country. She has served as a judge for several national dance competitions and choreographed in LA and NYC. Although she loved performing, Lindi has always found teaching to be her true calling. (Sparkly Sidenote: And it shows if you have ever taken her class!) Motivating and inspiring clients to believe in their abilities and live life to the fullest is one of Lindi’s greatest passions. Her teaching style focuses not just on achieving your fitness goals, but also on finding joy and wellness in all aspects of life. Her classes focus on how you feel rather than how you look, and will provide you with a blast of encouragement, inspiration and fun.

You can find Lindi during the week teaching classes at Physique 57. Her classes are fun, challenging and motivational. You have a great time while you get an incredible workout!

You can also check Lindi out at her awesome DMF classes!  Lindi started DMF because she found herself wanting a cardio workout in which the movement wasn’t overly repetitive and jarring. Because of past dance injuries, the repetitive nature of spinning and running just didn’t work for her. Other dance workouts were fun, but left her wanting more out of the experience. She wanted to create a class in which the instructor just didn’t stand in the front of the room and demonstrate. She wanted a class where the instructor actually taught and interacted with the clients, providing needed motivation and inspiration. She wanted a place where awesome music from a vast array of genres would drive the workout. And so, DMF was created!



DMF is SO MUCH FUN!  It is a dance fitness class that provides inspirational coaching throughout the workout!

Sign up here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=32349


Lindi is also an Elite Sparkly Soul Ambassador – she is one sparkly lady and her energy permeates any class she teaches! Check out her classes at a Physique57 class (it is a-mazing) and her new DMF studio (WOW!) – it has become the new hot NYC workout trend! Dancing and cardio and Lindi – sign us up!




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