Did you win? Winners announced for @sparklysoulinc December Rafflecopter #holidaysparklysoul

20140102-113416.jpg We just emailed our 10 @sparklysoulinc December ‘Tis the Season to Be Awesome Rafflecopter giveaway winners!!!

They are:

1. Kelly D. @kapowski22
2. Ash Z @ashz131
3. Lisa Ngai
4. Elizabeth M – eam1135
5. Ashley Cronin
6. Michelle Larkin
7. Diane Wortman
8. Jennifer Gannon
9. Neshii Smith
10. Cassandra Garcia

Congrats and thanks for all the sparkly entries! Winners please email pamela@sparklysoul.com with your name, mailing address and choice of one (1) Sparkly Soul headband (color and width) from http://www.sparklysoul.com

Stay tuned for our awesome January Rafflecopter giveaway to sparkle in 2014!


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