We are SO excited to announce @SPARKLYSOULINC Coach of the Month April 2014 … the inspiring @JeffGalloway – @rundisney @runnersworld

Sparkly Soul Coach of the Month for April 2014 is the awesome and inspiring …

Jeff Galloway

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeffgallowayfan

Twitter: @JeffGalloway

Website: http://www.jeffgalloway.com/

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Jeff is the founder of the Galloway Training Program that now has groups in over 90 locations.  He has coached over a million runners!


The philosophy of the Galloway Training Method is that almost anyone can finish a marathon, half marathon or other event using his method. This unique, low-mileage program consists of two 30-45 minute runs per week and a longer run/walk on the weekend.  The long runs feature one-minute walking breaks every 30 seconds to five minutes.  A high percentage of the two million people who start to train for a marathon each year get their training program and their motivation from Jeff and his writings. Jeff designed the run/walk/run method in 1974 to reduce injury to almost zero, make running fun and improve finish times in races—averaging over 13 minutes faster in a marathon.

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Jeff is a US Olympian, Member of US National Team, Member of US International Cross Country Team. He has run with Steve Prefontaine, Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, Amby Burfoot when the US was a leading power in marathoning.

Jeff is the nation’s leading running coach and author (over one million books sold) including North America’s best selling running book: Galloway’s Book on Running (http://jeff-galloway-e-shop.mybigcommerce.com/galloways-book-on-running/). If you haven’t checked out a copy – you should do so right away! Jeff is also well-known as a monthly columnist for Runner’s World Magazine. He is also the official training consultant for Run Disney Events, where you can also find Sparkly Soul – we LOVE Run Disney events!

Jeff has completed over 180 marathons – yes… 180!  Jeff also has weekend retreats, running schools, hosts running tours to Italy and Greece.  Can you say WOW!  When does he have time to train for all those marathons, host training retreats and tours while being so awesome and sparkly?!

And our favorite … Jeff communicates directly every day with runners solving problems and answering questions.  Have a question for Jeff – ask it here: http://www.jeffgalloway.com/about/ask-jeff/.  The man does it all and does it well! jeff g 3

Sparkly Soul has met SO many athletes, running teams and charity teams at home in NYC and when we travel that are so inspired by Jeff and rely on his amazing run/walk/run method to complete a race. It is amazing to see how many people he has impacted. Jeff has made an impact on the world of running – professionally and personally. We are so honored and excited to feature him as Coach of the Month this April! Thank you Jeff for all you have done for the running community!

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