@SPARKLYSOULINC Blogger of the Month for April 2014 is Style and Beauty Expert @JennFalik – check out her new video series called Selective Eye #sparklysoulinc #bloggerofthemonth

Our Sparkly Soul Blogger of the month for April 2014 is the fabulous and sparkly Style and Beauty Expert Jenn Falik – www.blog.jennfalik.com


In working with some of the most prestigious brands in the world, and developing close relationships with influential behind-the-scenes trendsetters, Jenn is always honing her skills at scouting and interpreting trends. Since 2005, she has been sharing her picks on television shows including The Today Show, The View, Rachael Ray, E! News and LIVE! with Kelly.


We LOVE following her blog! Jenn tracks her life, and the finds that make it that much better, on her website, http://www.jennfalik.com. Definitely awesome to follow – we love learning of Jenn’s new finds and all the things that make her life sparkly including Sparkly Soul headbands!

Here is a link to her blog when she found Sparkly Soul headbands: http://blog.jennfalik.com/fashion/my-signature-accessory-by-necessity-sparkly-soul-headbands/ and her amazing video on Sparkly Soul for Joyus: https://www.joyus.com/fashion/1-1214/sparkly-headbands-that-stay-put-hosted-by-jenn-falik?utm_source=hosts-jenn-falik&utm_medium=n-a&utm_content=vp1214_sparklyhea_direct&utm_campaign=HJF00PV0001 and Jenn on the Today Show featuring Sparkly Soul headbands http://blog.jennfalik.com/as-seen-on-tv/as-seen-on-tv-today-show-summer-essentials/


Follow Jenn’s blog ASAP – you will thank us for the tip and for all the awesome products you will discover. We are all very busy – Jenn makes it easy for us to know what the latest trends are, what’s hot and what’s not and where to get them!

Most recently, Jenn has introduced a video series called Selective Eye, offering quick peeks at must-own stuff and must-know tips to make living a stylish life simple. The goal is to introduce women to things that they may not have known existed, but eventually won’t want to live without. In sixty seconds or less. Because who has more than a minute to spare, if that, anyways?

From uncovering beauty bargains to helping women get celebrity looks for less, from decoding the latest wacky skincare ingredients to sharing tips on making even the most daunting trends wearable, Jenn loves the challenge of making something seemingly non-sensical incredibly practical.

As Jenn evolves, she brings her viewers and readers along for the ride. Sure, Jenn has experience in date night looks- and now, she is perfecting her mommy & me class fashion (according to her, it is all about the tunic length tee and a lightweight scarf). While Jen’s closet has long been filled with city sidewalk friendly stilettos, now she is rounding it out with suburban style staples.

If she finds it and likes it, everyone is going to have to hear about it! Subscribe to Jenn’s blog here: http://bit.ly/1eUvpeR – You can also see the series on YouTube at www.youtube.com/SelectiveEyeVideo

Follow all things Jenn Falik on social media on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram at @jennfalik



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