Tomorrow is #NationalRunningDay! Enter to WIN a 5-pack of @SPARKLYSOULINC headbands by sharing your plans with us on our blog + add’l entries! #SPARKLYRUNNINGDAY

It is our FAVORITE time of year … National Running Day is TOMORROW!

We wanted to celebrate our love of running!  And we want to hear from you and why do you run?!

Starting NOW …     tell us why do you run?

I Run 6-4RUNNING 3


Do you run to feel great? Or to eat whatever you want? 

Do you think of someone when you workout? Maybe because one day you won’t be able to? Do you run to stay in shape? Do you run to find a cure? Do you run because someone told you that you couldn’t? Do you run to be strong? Do you run to be an inspiration to your children?

Let us know BELOW in the comments and enter to win one of three 5 PACKS OF SPARKLY SOUL nonslip headbands of your choice from – we will choose THREE WINNERS at RANDOM from all social media – you can choose thin or wide for your headbands – available at


Leave a COMMENT below telling us how you are celebrating National Running Day or Why YOU run? Enter through Friday June 6th at 11:59 PST to enter! 3 WINNERS announced on Monday June 9th!

Want extra entries?

Do any or all of the following: (be sure to include the hashtag #SPARKLYRUNNINGDAY so we can track the entries. You must follow us on the social media site in which you enter to win! You can enter as many times as you would like and everyday if you wish!)

– FOLLOW Sparkly Soul on Twitter (@SPARKLYSOULINC) and TWEET “I RUN ______! #SPARKLYRUNNINGDAY – I want to win a @SPARKLYSOULINC headband 5-pack” (insert why you run – person, places or thing – tag them if it is a workout place or person!)

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– POST a picture on Facebook or Twitter with “I RUN ______! #SPARKLYRUNNINGDAY – I want to win a @SPARKLYSOULINC headband 5-pack”(insert why you run – person, places or thing – tag them if it is a workout place or person!)

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– POST on any social media how you are celebrating National Running Day! Tell us the run you have planned, who you are running with, what running means to you or what you are doing to celebrate! Use hashtag #SPARKLYRUNNINGDAY so we can keep track of entries!


3 winners chosen at random from all social media on Monday June 9th!



102 thoughts on “Tomorrow is #NationalRunningDay! Enter to WIN a 5-pack of @SPARKLYSOULINC headbands by sharing your plans with us on our blog + add’l entries! #SPARKLYRUNNINGDAY

  1. I am celebrating National Running Day by running one mile in Central Park. Why only one mile? Because I stopped running due to an injury back in March. After 6 weeks of physical therapy, I am ready to get back in the game (I hope)!

  2. I will be hitting the pavement with 2 other lovely ladies for 4 miles bright and early. I love watching the sunrise.

  3. I run because it makes me feel alive and is time to myself. I plan to enjoy national running day by running with some of my MRTT girls!

  4. I’m going to be running some hot, sweaty, sparkly miles with 2 of my running buddies!!! Cannot wait!!!

  5. I run because the best anxiety cure is a pair of tennis shoes and an open road, because I like ice cream way too much not to run, and because there is no better way to explore a city than on foot #whoneedsxanex #fatkidatheart #frequenttraveler #nationalrunningday #sparklyrunningday

  6. I run at 5AM to start my day running with a great friend. We share our good times, bad times and overall provide each other with the support we need to conquer the day. We are always sparkling with our Sparkly Soul headbands 🙂

  7. I plan to run 4-5 miles with my neighborhood girls at 5am. I will also be spending my time looking for items on the #RunChatHunt Photo Scavenger Hunt. My runs are dedicated to a little girl, named Bella, with epilepsy. We were matched through, where runners are matched with children or young adults with special needs or disabilities. I also run as a St. Jude Hero for the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

  8. I run for me! I’m not great at it, and I definitely get out-run in my crossfit class, but being the best is not the point. Nothing makes me feel powerful and in control of my life like exercise! I feel freedom, possibility, and opportunity when I run. I can decide how long to run, how hard, where and when I run. I have no thoughts of errands to run, groceries to buy, classes to finish, or work that needs to be done at my job. I feel connected to our earth and to those around me.. running is so natural and exhilarating! I can breathe and afterwards, I can think clearly about the positive things that exist in my life. Running has been a big part of my life.. I used to only be able to run for about 2 minutes without stopping, and in 2 minutes I would be completely out of breath and exhausted.. I hated it! Now I am able to run much longer and am a more efficient runner in general! I love to look back and see all of the progress I have made since I started exercising- it’s clear how much I’ve improved on running and I only hope to continue improving! I also am a strong supporter of Girls on the Run! GOTR is my sorority’s philanthropy, and we are always looking for ways to show support! We do this by being running buddies, coaching, making signs, sending cards, and raising money! I hope that these young girls find self-acceptance and learn to be comfortable and confident in themselves! I believe that setting goals and running will do for those girls what it has done for me. As long as you are feeling good about yourself, you are WINNING! Just keep running! Happy (early) National Running Day!

  9. I’m planning on finding some hills and keeping my eyes open for #runchathunt. Running in a new city tomorrow, time to do some exploring!!

  10. I’ve been running for almost a year now. I want to show my daughters what u can accomplish if u set ur mind to it. Instill a healthy and happy lifestyle in them while they are young.

  11. I will be running with stadium stair intervals tomorrow to get ready for the Yankee Stadium run in Aug ….

  12. Tomorrow for national run day I will be running around the campus that I work at before work. Normally I run for my aunt who is my best friend, she recently had to move to Dallas Texas ( hundreds or miles from me) for my
    Uncle’a job. Even more recently she was diagnosed with stage 3 Brest Cancer 😦 se is so far away and I can not be with her to hold her hand so I am doing what I know how to do,I have been running for a cute for her! I send her selfies every time I run and have her name on my shoes! I run for her and will continue to run when she is cured for all others batteling cancer!

  13. When I get down to the real reason I run, it’s because I can. I run because I can. I never thought I was capable until I really started!

  14. Unfortunately, I’m not running tomorrow due to a stress fracture in my femur. However, I’m celebrating by watching all of you do your thing! I run because 21/2 years ago my mom had triple bypass surgery and I vowed to make sure that’s not me. Since then I’ve run 10 half marathons and one full and am making strides towards changing what could have been a foregone conclusion.

  15. I will celebrate national running day by completing my 2nd day of training for a September marathon. After battling an eating disorder and depression I have found running to be my savior. It’s free therapy that keeps me happy, healthy, and focused.

  16. I am celebrating by going for a recovery run with a friend and going to a final race committee planning meeting for our 5k this weekend!

  17. All of the above! I run:
    To feel good
    To inspire my children and family
    To look good
    To stay on shape
    To be strong
    Because. I. Can.

    I will ring in #sparklyrunningday by running 5 miles while the sun comes up.

  18. I used to weigh 106 lbs more than I do. walking used to be a struggle … now I run 3 miles at least 3 times a week. I started a group on Facebook for all my friends who are runners and we get together and run whenever possible. Tomorrow, we are going to run and celebrate!

  19. I run because i love endorphins – they make me happy and keep me sane 🙂 It is also my ‘me time’ – which is much needed as a SAHM.

  20. I love the runners high after a good run! It brings such joy to my life. Times are tough right now while working full-time, toddler at home and a deployed husband serving in afghastan! Running keeps me grateful!

  21. Planning to do my normal running route and enjoy the fact that I CAN run and will continue to run for as long as my body is able!

  22. I will do a quick run before work wearing my favorite #sparklysoul headband. I run because it has taught me I can do more than I ever thought possible. Great to see you ladies in San Diego this weekend! #sparklyrunningday

  23. I am planning on running this evening, because we currently have heavy rain that is supposed to last all day. I am an outside runner – I’d rather bundle up and wear yak trax and run in 0 degrees, than run on the “dreadmill”. 🙂

  24. I am celebrating National Running Day with a double. I did an easy 3 this morning with some MRTT ladies and will do another 3 with a friend early this evening.

  25. I love to run because it is my escape and makes me feel good! I love running with friends and we get together weekly for runs. 🙂

  26. I started running last summer to get more fit and to lose weight. I caught the ” race bug” from a close friend and during race season I do a race at least every ther week. National running day is my birthday and I wont actually be running since I’m celebrating my birthday. Run will be tomorrow- happy belated running day?

  27. I run for many reasons – to make me feel good, to feel better about myself, and to eat a cupcake once in awhile!

  28. I run because it’s the one thing I do that is just for me, and it brings me peace and a sense of accomplishment. On National Running Day I will be logging seven miles!

  29. I run to be a better and stronger me. And because it makes me happy. And because beer! I’m celebrating National Running Day be running with my running club after work today. I heard they’re providing free smoothies for everyone!

  30. I am running a 2 miler with my local track club tonight. This was my very first race as a runner two years ago! I remember being so nervous that I would be the last one to finish the race. I had only just began to run as long as 2 miles. The race was so fun and everyone was so encouraging. After this first race I was hooked. Since then I have ran 4 half marathons, 1 10k , and several 5ks.

    I love running these summer series two milers in hope to encourage other runners who are just getting started!

  31. I run to decompress, I run for the exercise, I run to show my kids that I never quit and with hard work everything is possible!

  32. I run to loose weight and stay where I am in my weight loss journey! A side to that, it’s fun at times, but most of all it’s time for me…my own 35 minutes every day to think about what I want, and nobody to interrupt me!

  33. I run bc i like to eat! I also run bc i love to compete.. i love the social aspect of it. My favourite time of the week is on Sundays when I get to go out on long runs with my run friends and then we meet afterwards for coffee or brunch.. During races everyone supports each other and we usually meet up afterwards to talk about our races. It’s awesome and I can’t wait to run tonight to do hills 🙂

  34. I run because it makes me feel good! It is something that challenges me, relaxes me and helps me set goals. Running can take you many places, help you meet many faces and be part of some great races! It has been a fun journey, injuries and all! 🙂

  35. I run for my sanity and to be able to spend time and chat with my running partner Holly! It’s the best start to my day. It puts me in a better mood to know that by 7am I have been up and been outside and tackled 7-8 miles:)

  36. I’ll be running with my running group, The Run Aways, here in Salt Lake. We’ll be running around a local park and then going for a recovery dinner of burritos!!!! 🙂

  37. I am running with my NEOFit running club today in Hudson, OH. I’m excited to celebrate this day, and we get test out Brooks Running Shoes for our 6-mile run! I’ve been running for the past couple of years because I am always looking for ways to improve my fitness! This year I’m doing so by running a full marathon in September! Happy Running!

  38. #SPARKLYRUNNINGDAY I run because I find beauty in overcoming my fears and doubts through running, while watching my body change my mind about what I can do and how I can do it.

  39. I’m running today with my Sole Sistas group. I run to fight depression, to find myself, and to be an inspiration to my son, family, and friends.

  40. I run to increase my fitness level and prove to myself I CAN do it!

    Also, I love Sparkly Soul, so I’ll totally rock a headband in my next 5K (Runners World 5K in Boston on Saturday) if I win!

  41. I run to keep myself grounded. Nothing like feeling the way your body moves during running. It completely centers you.

  42. I’m running with one of the hosted Rock n Roll runs here in LA.

    I run to push myself to new limits, ones I never thought I’d see, do, or accomplish!

  43. I celebrated by running along the East River in Brooklyn this morning because it’s my favorite way to start the day!

  44. I ran 4 miles on a local running trail. I run because I love seeing my improvements and proving that I can accomplish my goals if I push myself. This sport also draws me closer to Jesus as I spend time talking to my Savior on the lonely miles.

  45. I run to stay strong for my family. I run to overcome, refocus, and reevaluate. I run for stress relief. Running has helped me through some of the darkest times in my life. I have seen how depression can debilitate a person, and I refuse to allow that to happen to me. When your spouse goes through it and you have three children, you have to be strong. I am a fighter, and an overcomer.

  46. I’m celebrating running day with my LiveNow Fitness famy doing a 5k run! Now if I could oy decide which Sparkly Soul headband to wear….red or black…..

  47. I run because asthma will NOT conquer me! Instead of a stumbling block, it is steadily becoming a stepping stone. #nationalrunningday2014

  48. I run for my health! I run for my best friend who, bless her soul, is no longer on this earth. I run for her family and the pain her passing has brought because I know she would want me to keep going! I love you CLF!

  49. I run because it gets me ready for the rest of the day. I can think of my to do list and what I want to accomplish.

  50. I will be running a nice, smooth 5 miler after work. Just me and my thoughts reflecting on how far my body has come and the amazing things I can do with it- like running 26.2 miles!!

  51. I run to test the limits of what my body can do – and because races are what my husband and I do for fun!

  52. I run to have a few moments to myself. I ran two miles to celebrate national running day! Could’ve been more but the whole family is struggling with the stomach bug and I just wasn’t feeling well. Hoping to build up to a running a half in the fall 🙂

  53. I run because it is in those moments, when I’m dripping sweat and aching muscles continue to propel me forward, that I can truly be myself and appreciate who I’ve become and recognize all the little things that make life so great.


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