Our @SPARKLYSOULINC Teacher of the Month for June 2014 is @flybreebranks of @flywheelsports! #flyandsparkle

The June 2014 Sparkly Soul Teacher of the Month is the sparkly Bree Branker (@FLYbreebranks) of FlyWheel Sports – http://new-york.flywheelsports.com

bree 1 6-11

Bree Branker is a Flywheel instructor, ready to share her sparkly soul with NYC! Born and raised in NC, Bree has been a dancer her entire life. This type of overactive lifestyle quickly led her to other sports like gymnastics, track and field, cheerleading, yoga, and indoor/outdoor cycling.

bree 2 6-11

Having tested nearly every piece of fitness apparel on the market, Bree was blown away by the product quality of Sparkly Soul, and wears hers proudly while up on the instructor bike at Fly, or peeking at you from under her down dog!

Check out her class ASAP – it is challenging and awesome – http://new-york.flywheelsports.com!  We are also proud to have her as a Sparkly Soul Ambassador!

Bree 3 6-11


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