Introducing our @sparklysoulinc Teacher of the Month for September 2014 and Ambassador – Kara Bocchi (@KaraBnyc) of @flywheel

Sparkly Soul Teacher of the Month and Ambassador – Kara Bocchi (@KaraBNYC)

kara 2

Born and raised in New York, Kara Bocchi continues to practice her passion for fitness and healthy living in the city she loves. After completing her first marathon she was sidelined due to a serious injury and inspired to expand her horizons beyond being an avid runner. She found a new admiration for indoor cycling at Flywheel Sports, and she is fortunate enough to be able to share that with her riders in every class she instructs.

kara 3

Certified as a running coach as well as a NASM personal trainer, Kara is also a lover of dance, movement, music, and theater. As a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, her background in performance has allowed her classes to be a creative balance of fun, work, and awareness for the dynamic connection between the mind and body.



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