Our @SPARKLYSOULINC Coach of the Month for January 2015 is @StephieSchwartz! #sparklysoulcoachofthemonth #sparklysoulheadbands

Our @sparklysoulinc Coach of the month is … Stephanie Schwartz

 steph 2

Twitter: @StephieSchwartz

Instagram: @stephieschwartz

Facebook: Facebook.com/StephBSchwartz

Website: Tinyurl.com/HotBodChallenge

As a teenager, Stephanie Schwartz could never have imagined that one day she would be in a position to help others along their health and fitness journey. Though encouraging and inspiring others has always been in her DNA, there was a time that Stephanie wasn’t so committed to her own wellness, struggling with an eating disorder that severely inhibited her mental and physical health. Through years of therapeutic healing, Stephanie eventually regained her self esteem and love of true, holistic health, and committed herself to creating her best life through helping others become healthy of mind and body as well.

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As a health and fitness coach, Stephanie is determined to help her challengers succeed in a big way. Her first priority is always to help her challengers develop lifelong, sustainably healthy habits as well as a positive self image that is not contingent on weight, ab definition, or deprivation. Empowerment of spirit and self is of core importance within her test groups and in her relationships with others. Her interest lies in the mind-body connection- the understanding that how someone feels about themselves on the inside will directly contribute to how they treat themselves externally, and so she works to promote, educate, and instill this value in her clients.

Stephanie believes in getting healthy on the inside while pushing for results externally. She collaborates with her clients to work hard on their personal development while on a goal-oriented fitness and nutrition program with her – she knows that lifelong, sustainable changes must happen simultaneously internally to truly last externally.

Stephanie knows that accountability is key in following through with a fitness regimen – so she develops virtual communities of individuals who start and end a fitness and nutrition program at the same time together. Her groups act as a support resource, bolstering challengers with everything from their personal development to nutrition plans to daily check ins and weekly virtual group hangouts. Stephanie is committed to keeping her challengers engaged, excited, and on track both physically and mentally.

In her own words, “I am on a mission to illuminate the lives of those around me, bringing others to a new level of self understanding, love, compassion and empowerment through goal setting and achievement”.

To try Stephanie’s Hot Bod Challenge, subscribe to her free eBook at tinyurl.com/hotbodchallenge. Apply to join an upcoming test group by sending her an email at CoachStephS@gmail.com.

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