Introducing our NEWEST and very SPARKLY @SPARKLYSOULINC ambassador Alyssa Ages @alyssaages #sparklysoulambassador

Alyssa Ages
Instagram: @alyssaages
If you had told 15-year-old hippie Alyssa that she was someday going to be an endurance athlete, she would have thrown a Birkenstock at your head.  But in 2003, Alyssa found fitspiration while watching the NYC Marathon and started to train to complete the race herself. More than a decade later, Alyssa has finished over 50 races of varying distances including six marathons and an Ironman triathlon, as well as CrossFit and Strongman competitions. Hooked is an understatement.
Alyssa took her passion a step further by becoming a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and proudly works as a personal trainer at the incredible Uplift Studios and Epic Hybrid Training. She also started her own marketing consulting business, BeFit Marketing, to help fitness and wellness brands define their identity and build a presence in the marketplace.
Alyssa has been proudly sporting Sparkly Soul headbands since the company first launched and has since amassed a collection of more than a dozen (including her favorite “Boston Strong” band that she picked up before running the 2014 Boston Marathon)!
alyssa 3
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