Meet Sarah Talley @talleyforfitnes – @sparklysoulinc ambassador and sparkly lady! #sparklysoulambassador #sparklysoulheadbands

Sarah Talley
Instagram: @runnerartist
Twitter: @talleyforfitnes
sarah t 2
Sarah has worn many hats during her adult life ranging from wife to firefighter to personal trainer to mom. She currently resides in northern Virginia but has lived in Singapore twice, Mexico City, Dallas & Houston Texas. Her love for the outdoors which has lead her to crazy running addiction started in up-state NY as a little girl. “I feel so alive when I’m outside. It inspires me both in my art and running. I can still hear my mom on every trail run I do….’Don’t run in the woods you’ll trip!’ Knock on wood, it hasn’t happened yet.” sarah t4
She is a Chapter Leader and Product Tester for the growing all women’s running club Moms Run This Town (MRTT). She has run several half marathons and a handful of marathons, including Thesarah tGreat Wall of China Marathon which she encourages everyone to do. “It’s breathtaking with beauty, grandness and a sense of self. It is an experience that one will never forget and always wish to return to.” She hopes to return in 2022 with her friend who she ran with in 2012 and anyone else who would like to go on a journey.
Sarah is currently training for her first 50K, The Seashore Trail 50K this December. Her love for the outdoors as taken her off the roads and onto the trails as well as to become a Ragnar Relay Ambassador. After being part of a 12 person Ragnar Relay DC team with her MRTT chapter she was hooked! “It truly is the way running should be. I love that I can ‘run’ with all my friends even if we don’t run the same pace.” She has completed the Ragnar Trail, WV and the Ragnar Road DC this year to gain the status of a Mud Slinger. If you would like to know about Ragnar just ask Sarah and chances are you’ll be running on one of her teams by the end of the conversation.
You can find Sarah on & as one of the contributing writers. Twitter: @talleyforfitnes and Instagram: runner artist
If you would like to know about Sarah’s art visit her online gallery


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