Introducing @sparklysoulinc Ambassador Brandi @funnerrunner13! #sparklysoulambassador #sparklysoulheadbands

Meet Sparkly Soul Ambassador Brandi!

Twitter: @FunnerRunner13

Instagram: @FunnerRunner


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Brandi Gilbert is from just outside of Atlanta, GA and enjoys running, yoga, and even curling (yes, curling).  Her main passion is running but to be honest, running was never “her thing” until her mid-20s when her dad convinced her to do a 5K with him.  It took a little time, but eventually she found a love for running.


To say she is addicted to running races is an understatement.  Each year she has challenged herself with different goals and has since completed 40 races in 2012, 58 races in 2013, and 64 races in 2014.  Her race schedule includes all distances from 5Ks to marathons, but her favorite distance is the half marathon.


Running is more than just a physical activity for Brandi, it is a social event as well.  She believes that running and an active lifestyle should be fun because if you don’t have fun doing something then why are you doing it?  She enjoys wearing themed and fun outfits to races and will also rock the occasional race costume. Running has provided her with many great opportunities over the past few years.   Not only has she found her “happy place”, she has met some amazing friends, and traveled to some wonderful places.

brandi gilbert 2

Brandi is excited to join the Sparkly Soul Ambassador team and share her journey and inspire those around her to get out there and be amazing.


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