We are excited to introduce @sparklysoulinc ambassador @matmilesmedals #sparklysoulambassador #sparklysoulheadbands

Briana Sharp
Twitter: @matmilesmedals
Briana found a passion for endurance events after a friend asked her to walk the 2013 Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon. Finding the supportive environment of the racing community and a huge sense of accomplishment from conquering a long distance, she became hooked on endurance races, and started progressing to running shortly after.

Growing up, Briana was active in cheer and dance, and would have never expected she’d become a runner, much less a long-distance one. Today running is a core part of her fitness routine, along with a regular yoga practice.
Since that first race, she’s run a number of 5K, 10K and half marathons, including the 2014 runDisney Coast to Coast Challenge at Tinkerbell and Princess.
briana 5
She has a number of races on her 2015 calendar in the pursuit of the Rock n Roll Gold Record (10 long distance events in a single year). Her passion for the sport has led to her helping friends complete their first long distance events.
briana 3
Briana discovered Sparkly Soul at that first race expo and thought the 360 degrees of sparkle would be the perfect race accessory. She bucked conventional wisdom and wore her new headband for that race, and found it didn’t budge or give her a headache. Her collection of headbands has grown significantly since then and you’ll find Briana wearing one for every one of her races and workouts. A big believer that any day wearing sparkle is a great day, she’s very excited to join the community of Sparkly Soul ambassadors!
briana 4


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