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Jen Correa

Blog: www.momsgottarun.com;

Twitter @momsgottarun;

IG  @momsgottarun

Facebook www.facebook.com/nymomsgottarun

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As Jen crosses into the 40-44 race age group, she is looking back at all the wonderful accomplishments she’s enjoyed thus far… in the midst of 3 marathons and countless races, her most shinning accomplishment is her two children, P.J. (9) and Alyssa (5).

jen 4

Though she’d been running since she was 20, which started on a whim… it was only in the last 10 years that she started to test her potential. The truth is that while she struggled with self-esteem and self worth in the early years, she only really began to sparkle after Hurricane Sandy took her home, the 2012 NYC marathon and almost her husband. It was after that life changing event that she realized how many people truly had her back. It was an amazing show of love from family, friends and even strangers. There was also the 15 seconds of fame that included meeting Anne Curry, Christy Turlington-Burns and Steve Harvey (as a guest on his show), which were both surreal and humbling experiences. However, the most important takeaway from this experience was the realization that loss is about more than money or things, it’s about life. This was the moment Jen realized that she hadn’t lost a thing… and best of all, she had found her true strength.

jen 3

In November 2013 Jen ran the 2013 NYC Marathon and managed to shave 30 minutes off her marathon  – even while still doing an interview with the editor of Runner’s World magazine at mile 13. Since then, she has focused on enjoying life with her husband and kids in Staten Island, NY.

jen nyc

She continues to try to find balance while training for her 4th marathon.

jen and michele

Jen is looking forward to getting even better (maybe faster) in her 40s. You can follow along on her blog at www.momsgottarun.com; Twitter @momsgottarun; IG  @momsgottarun Facebook www.facebook.com/nymomsgottarun

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