Introducing @sparkysoulinc Ambassador Leah Ballard Frazier @leahbfrazier! #sparklysoulambassador #sparklysoulheadbands

Leah Ballard Frazierimage

Twitter: @leahbfrazier
Instagram: @leahbfrazier

Leah is a graduate student who loves to sparkle in the Big Easy! A Southern girl for all her life, Leah loves football, sweat tea, and Jesus. You can catch her sparkling at local races, New Orleans Pelicans basketball games, or on Bourbon Street where she works with a local ministry for women.


Her love for running began as a high school soccer player and has only grown since then. In college she was looking for a running partner. When a friend suggested one, she was delighted that her new partner could keep a good pace and had dimples. Four years later on an early morning run by the river, Adrian, her then running partner asked her to be his wife. They have been running partners since 2004 and enjoy running through all the different New Orleans neighborhoods.
During her first half marathon, Leah wore a plastic black headband. At mile 11 of the race she spotted a sparkly sister and asked her about the headband she was wearing. “It’s Sparkly Soul,” she exclaimed! After celebrating her race, Leah tracked down this headband for her next race! Now she wears Sparkly Soul for running and everyday wear! Her undergraduate degree is in Fashion Merchandising, so it only seems natural that sparkly would be her go-to look!
Some highlights in her headbands; celebrating her husband’s birthday at their favorite New Orleans eatery, Dat Dog, visiting the original Neiman Marcus (prior to RnR Dallas half), watching the New Orleans Pelicans basketball game, and beginning her first running streak with friend, Charlotte.

One thought on “Introducing @sparkysoulinc Ambassador Leah Ballard Frazier @leahbfrazier! #sparklysoulambassador #sparklysoulheadbands

  1. Leah will be your best ambassador, I can promise y’all! Her sweet self is more sparkly than all your headbands combined, and she has a knack for making other women feel “sparkly” too!

    Congrats Leah! Dreams really do come true. 🙂


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