Introducing @SPARKLYSOULINC Canadian Ambassador Sarah Arsenault @Wyers31 #sparklysoulambassador #sparklysoulheadbands

Sarah Arsenault – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.28.30 PM
Sarah is a mom and wife with a full time career in Sales, who likes stay active in a variety of ways. As a mom to a five year old daughter, she is working towards and believes she is succeeding in being a great role model for her. As she grows, Sarah is  trying to set an example as to why being active, healthy and *SPARKLY* are great goals to strive for. 

sarah 1

In 2008, after running a few 5 and 10km races Sarah decided that she wanted to train for her first half marathon and did just that. She ran her first in May 2009. Since that time Sarah has run 20 half marathons, trudged up mountains in three Seek the Peak trail races raising money for breast cancer research, took part in her first 5 Peaks BC trail race this summer and have run two full marathons (first being 2 days before her daughter turned one in 2011) and the second during the Goofy Challenge in 2013. It was during this Goofy training, that she met her now very good friend and fellow Sparkly Soul Ambassador Nikki Scott. It was Nikki who during their training cycle would introduce her to the wonderful world of Sparkly Soul headbands!  

sarah 3

Sarah is absolutely in love Sparkly Soul headbands! She wears them for every workout whether it is a run or metabolic training class….and they stay put! One of her favorite things about her Sparkly Soul experience has been introducing them to her friends and getting them hooked on the Sparkly Soul experience!

sarah 5


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